About Stoneridge Storage

Who is Stonerigde Storage?

Meredith MylottHi, I'm Meredith!

My husband and I purchased Stoneridge Storage LLC (previously Stoneridge U Store) in December of 2016 after I retired from the public school system as an elementary school attendance secretary. We previously managed rental houses, owned and operated a small hobby farm, raised cattle, farmed hay, corn and beans, and continue to perfect the art of beekeeping.

Once purchased, we have rejuvenated an old school, rotary phone, index card and Rolodex file keeping business to state of the art, electronic, web servicing, instant online accessibility and real time account invoice servicing business compatible to today's demand.

I have loved meeting people and their stories of how they found the need for storage. We attract neighborhood businesses for over flow, locals with hobbies, vacationers with their seasonal recreational gear, some with treasures and memories they don't have room for but can't part with, every story is different, what's yours?

What makes us great!

We want to provide the very best facility to our customers. This is why we maintain the highest standards in quality.

Our Amenities


high power 4000 watt LED security lighting


better than cameras neighborhood watch


day/night vision security cameras


convenient location off of Business HWY 13


fully gated facility with 24 hour access


customer after hours phone service


concrete floors for quality storage


sloped 12 foot ceilings for better storage


full service onsite office coming soon